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Suresh Menon

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With over 40 years of experience in building an outstanding employee and service culture to develop passionate and committed people. Responsible for the hiring and training of over 3,500 team members from over 40 countries. 

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Since the Industrial Revolution, Employers and Employees have been at opposite ends of the divide. While one group works for increased profitability and economic viability, the other fights for workers’ rights and wellbeing. At opposite ends of the spectrum, we have seen through various decades and centuries, protests, strikes and unrests, which has caused instability and economic disruptions. However, for the first time in Australia, at least, we have seen during this pandemic, workers’ unions and the liberal government come together to arrive at workable solutions that will benefit both Employees and Employers. Is this the way of the future?
Just like we all love stories, I am sure all of us love games as well. Remember when the movie Hunger Games came out, it was such a great hit. Why do we love games?
Don’t we all love a good story ? As a child we all grew up hearing stories from our grand parents, parents, uncles and teachers. If not an aural story, we have read countless ones through our childhood and teenage years. We still remember the classic ones and the special ones that we had heard from our parents or grandparents. All these stories were told to us to help us understand a moral or a teaching of some kind or purely as a form of entertainment.