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Case Studies

Suresh Menon on HR

It has been a busy start to the week as it is the week prior to Christmas. The hotel is running a high occupancy and some staff are away on holidays, which puts an extra strain on some of the operational departments.
You are the Head of HR for your company and your CEO had recently returned from a Seminar on engaging staff and calls you in and tells you that he would like you to revamp the way Town Hall meetings are run and would like you to come up with some innovative ideas and incorporate games to make it exciting.
As the Head of HR, you are preparing for your next Town Hall Meeting. You have an employee base of 5oo personnel. You need to make it exciting, interactive and entertaining. The theme of the meeting is Employee Engagement. You have noticed that the Employee Engagement score at the last survey had dropped and some of the comments indicate that employees do not feel connected to the organisation.
You have just recently joined this financial institution as the Country Head of HR based in Australia. There was a re-structure of the business and a new CEO of the operations was appointed 3 months prior to your appointment. Along with these new appointments, 3 other senior executives were also appointed by the new CEO.