Delivering on HR

27. July, 2020

Case Study:
HR and IR

It has been a busy start to the week as it is the week prior to Christmas. The hotel is running a high occupancy and some staff are away on holidays, which puts an extra strain on some of the operational departments.

An hour after your morning briefing, you get a call from the Union head office that the Union will be organising a stop work meeting as some staff have complained to them that they have not been paid their correct overtime since last month. Some of them complained that they were told by their Managers to reduce their overtime hours on their work sheets, if they wanted to be paid on time. While others said that having worked close to an extra 20 hours each week, they were only paid less than 10 hours of work. They did complain to their department head but was told that there was nothing they could do and that they should accept and be happy that they got paid something.

What would your reaction be to this complaint and how would you handle this for now and make sure that these infringements do not happen again in the future?

You then see 3 e-mails from 4 separate staff members, with each e-mail indicating 10 or more signatures and on reading these you realise it is about discrimination against female, LGBTQ and staff from different ethnic backgrounds. The first one focussed on female staff being harassed for sexual favours, the second about LGBTQ staff being over looked for promotion because of their sexual preferences, the third about staff from various ethnic groups being ignored for shifts even though they had good work track records with the prime reason being their lack of communication skills in spoken and written English. And the last complaining about harassment from some male staff that they were being sexually harassed by their male supervisor. The staff also state in their e-mails that they plan to go to the media and to their unions about the matter.

How would you deal with these for the present and make sure that these issues will not present itself in the future ?

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