Delivering on HR

1. June, 2020

Case Study:
HR and Story Telling

As the Head of HR, you are preparing for your next Town Hall Meeting. You have an employee base of 5oo personnel. You need to make it exciting, interactive and entertaining. The theme of the meeting is Employee Engagement. You have noticed that the Employee Engagement score at the last survey had dropped and some of the comments indicate that employees do not feel connected to the organisation.

You have organised various social events, like Wine and Cheese evenings, Bowling events etc. Attendances at these were rather dismal and there were very little involvement from many of the staff.

Your experience from your previous company, where Town Hall meetings were well attended and staff were involved and participative at these events as all the leaders attend and participate. At your current company, the leaders are absent and do not see the relevance of it. While your CEO is extremely supportive and wants to participate, he is not a very good communicator. Once again, in your previous company, both you and the CEO have used stories as a medium to communicate relevant messages and as a form of recognition, including monetary rewards.

How would you utilise this Town Hall to mobilise your staff and get them involved. What sort of stories could you tell? What sort of rewards could you use to recognise and acknowledge staff contributions.

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