Delivering on HR

18. May, 2020

Case Study:
HR and The Learning Organisation

Eamon was sponsored by the organisation to undertake a certificate course in a specialised field of Digital Marketing as recommended by his boss, Shirley and as requested by Eamon at his last appraisal. Both Shirley and Eamon felt that with this special certification, he will be able to contribute much more and save money that is paid out to contractors to do. The course was a 12 month part time programme, which he attended at company time and it cost the company $10,000.

Three months after the programme, Shirley comes to see you, as head of HR, and hands you Eamon’s resignation letter and informs you that he will be joining a competitor with a 25% increase in salary and a position of Manager. Shirley is devastated and wants to hold him back at any cost, saying that we need to increase his salary and change his title of Manager. She, further reiterates that he is a valuable employee and he is really making a difference to the department, particularly in terms of his contributions in the area of Digital Marketing. On parting Shirley tells you that if he really wants to go, he has to re-pay the course fees spent on him attending the programme.

You decide to have a chat with Eamon and hear his side of the story. In talking to him, you learn that he is actually not applying any of the skills he aquired at the programme and feels that his boss, Shirley doesn't entrust him with the tasks and continue to use the external contractors to do the jobs. Hence Eamon tells you that you are frustrated and disappointed. Further, he tells you that you did not seeking the job and that he was approached by a recruiter.

If you were the Head of HR how would you approach this issue?

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